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Medical Malpractice Lawyer

Holding Doctors And Hospitals Accountable

We trust the medical professionals to take good care of us. We trust that they know what they're doing. When doctors and nurses make mistakes or cut corners, the resulting harm can be serious or tragic.

I have brought successful medical malpractice suits against medical providers in West Virginia and Maryland. These are tough cases that require a considerable investment of time and resources. When there is good evidence of negligence, I will take the case and work hard to hold those physicians or medical facilities accountable.

I am medical malpractice lawyer James E. Smith II. Call me to discuss the facts of your case and your legal remedies in a consultation.

Experienced Representation In Medical Negligence Claims

I bring 33 years of experience in personal injury litigation, including medical malpractice. I can pursue your rightful damages for lasting injury or a loved one's death in these categories:

  • Surgical error — wrong procedure, damage to internal organs or blood vessels, objects left inside the patient, anesthesia errors, sepsis (infection)
  • Diagnosis error — Delayed diagnosis of cancer or major illness, misdiagnosis leading to unnecessary surgery or harmful treatment, lab errors
  • Emergency room malpractice — failure to identify a life-threatening condition (heart attack, stroke, internal bleeding, blood clot, etc.), failure to examine or admit the patient
  • Medication error — wrong drug, wrong dose, allergic reaction, severe drug interactions
  • Birth injury — Delivery error resulting in brain injury (cerebral palsy) or nerve damage (Erb's palsy), injury to the mother during pregnancy or labor

Do You Have Grounds To Sue For Malpractice?

To even file a medical malpractice lawsuit, we first need a “certificate of merit” from a doctor who practices in the same field. Winning compensation requires additional testimony of medical experts. Sometimes, after spending thousands of dollars on medical reports, there is insufficient evidence of negligence.

If I take on your case, you do not pay my attorney fees unless I recover compensation. My trial lawyer experience and my CPA credentials will help me build a strong and detailed case for liability and full damages. I will explore claims against doctors, surgeons, radiologists, nurses, hospitals, and clinics.

To talk with a medical malpractice attorney, call 304-209-6204 or 877-405-9337 or email me to tell me about your situation.

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