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James E. Smith II

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Resolving Family Conflicts - I aim for solutions to divorce
and custody disputes, but I prepare for court.

Property Division Lawyer

Your Fair Share Of The Marital Estate

Asset division is not simply a math problem or business decision. It can be complex and personal, with dozens of tough decisions. The outcome of property division proceedings will affect your lifestyle and your financial future.

For these reasons, the guidance and representation of an experienced attorney is crucial. I am James E. Smith II, a lawyer and CPA in Keyser, West Virginia. I will zealously fight for your fair share, whether through courtroom litigation or settlement negotiations.

Legal Experience And Financial Savvy

I have practiced in divorce and family law for 31 years, serving Mineral County, Allegany County and surrounding West Virginia and Maryland. Beyond the nuts and bolts of dividing your marital assets, my credentials as a Certified Public Accountant enable me to address the financial and tax implications.

I have wide experience with property division and divorce settlements, from working-class clients to high net worth couples:

  • Possession of the marital residence
  • Division of retirement assets
  • Valuation of a business or professional practice
  • Cars, jewelry, guns and valuables
  • Loans and debts
  • Child support and alimony
  • Hidden assets and undisclosed income
  • Prenuptial agreements and separate property
  • Continuation of health insurance for a spouse

My goal is to divide the assets as efficiently as possible with the minimum stress and expense for my clients. I have many tools in the toolbox for crafting a fair, practical and creative out-of-court settlement. I have also gone to court when necessary to hold the other part accountable or to get a ruling that moves the process forward.

Same-sex marriage is legal in Maryland and may soon be in West Virginia. In the meantime, I have experience resolving property division between same-sex couples who acquired property together, under a property settlement contract or within a civil union agreement not recognized at the time under our state laws.

Dividing Property And Moving On

If you need a property division attorney in Keyser or neighboring areas of West Virginia and Maryland, call 304-209-6204 or 877-405-9337, or contact me online. I can address questions and strategies about equitable distribution of property in an initial consultation.