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Family Law Attorney

Solutions And Representation For Difficult Situations

Couples grow apart. Family dynamics change. Third parties cause trouble. The result is tangled disputes over children or money or property. How do you resolve these stressful and complex conflicts? How do you protect your interests?

I am James E. Smith II, a family law attorney in Keyser. My 33 years of experience and my financial background are your advantage in divorce and related matters. Sometimes my clients need me to forcefully advocate for them in court. Sometimes they turn to me to calm the waters and find a practical solution. As your lawyer, I will give your case my full attention and honest legal assessment.

Experience Counts In Divorce And Family Law

I practice regularly in the West Virginia family courts of Mineral, Hampshire, Hardy, and Grant County, as well as Maryland jurisdictions (Allegany County and Garrett County). I am familiar with the local judges and the state laws as they apply to:

I know that these situations are emotionally charged and fluid. Even if you are on amicable terms with the other party, you may disagree strongly on the best interests of your children or how to move forward. An experienced lawyer is invaluable for steering toward that workable middle ground.

My philosophy is to seek a fair resolution rather than to fan the flames. However, I am an experienced litigator who will help you stand your ground on those issues that matter most to you, your children, and your future. My credentials as a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) also help me protect your financial interests and shape a favorable settlement.

Where Do You Stand? What Are The Options?

During our consultation, I will help put you at ease, answer your questions, and walk you through the possibilities. Call 304-209-6204 or 877-405-9337 or contact me online.

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James E. Smith II is committed to answering your questions about the above practice areas in West Virginia, Maryland, Virginia, Pennsylvania, & District of Columbia. I'll gladly discuss your case with you at your convenience. Contact me today to schedule an appointment.